Garage Door Safety Status Light System Package Residential


Garage Door Safety Status Light System,  Residential Package has everything needed to install system, except for the light, normally used with “T” light, but it must be purchased separately so you can decide which light option you want. All light options are compatible.

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Garage Door Safety Status Light System.  This Residential Package is ready to install just need to chose the light of your choice. All light options are compatible.

Garage Door Safety Status Light System, Residential Main Unit locating:     Locate solid mounting on ceiling near garage door opener and within two feet of electric outlet. Use brackets as shown to mount unit, no serviceable component’s are inside the unit so don’t worry about access to the latches. Run the power from the transformer to the main unit first to make sure it is close enough then unplug and proceed.

After installing track switches as per instructions, securely run wiring to the main unit. Mount your “T” Light as per instructions and your choice of ceiling or wall mount and securely run wiring to main unit. Attach switch wiring to appropriate connections, if the lights are green when the door is closed just switch connections on low and high switch. The plastic tie on the back of the unit is to secure the extra wire neatly to the back of unit. Plug the power in and your all set, red lights flash when door is in motion or partially open and a solid green light when the door is open all the way.


Package includes: Main control unit with ceiling mounting brackets and lag bolts, 2 amp power supply with 30″ power cord,  2 track mount switches with 25′ cables, track mounting bolt kit, and one magnet . **This Package has No light included**

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