Garage Door Safety Status Lights

Provides a visual indication of the garage door status

About Ideas 4 Motion

After years in the garage door service industry both residential and commercial, we see many garage doors hit every month that we fix due to the door being in motion up or down, or not opening all the way. That’s why I decided to build a system that will work on every door and with any opener. My name is Jeff Martinez, a partner in Ideas 4 Motion and designer of this fine product. Designed originally to protect fire trucks and doors and now, even residential doors.

  • Prevent Hitting Garage Door
  • Flashing red light  “Wait”
  • Solid green light “Safe to Go”
  • Works on any garage door
  • Works with or without any garage door opener

                                          Garage Door Hit Car

Why do cars hit garage doors? Due to the door not fully opening, or on  its way back down. Garage door is hit when pulling out because: door button never pushed, door button pushed twice, door not fully open, distracted by kids, text, or phone. Repairs to vehicle and door can cost thousands and be time consuming. Additionally, should the door become inoperable, the building is left open and vulnerable to the elements, animals, theft, and other undesirable scenarios.

                                             Garage Door Monitor

Garage Door Safety Status Lights make it so you don’t have to squirm in your seat to see the door in the rear-view mirror to back out. Many times taking for granite that the door is fully open.  If the door is coming back down or stops short, the red light will flash instantly. You will get accustomed to watching the easy to see lights and going on a solid green light and waiting when the lights are flashing red.

Benefits of Using our System

  • Long life components with no maintenance required
  • Led lights are rated for 50,000 hours and D.O.T. approved
  • Track switches are rated for 3 million cycles 
  • Printed circuit boards with all soldered connections 
  • Relays have silver plated long life contacts
  • Water tight enclosure and simple plugin connections

Product Overview Video

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Commercial LED Wall Light

Garage door Safety Status Light, Commercial wall light

Commercial LED Hanging Light

Garage Door Safety Status Light Commercial hanging light

Commercial 4 Sided LED Hanging Light

Garage Door Safety Status Light, Commercial hanging 4 sided light

Residential LED “T” Light

Safety Status Light Residential-T-light assembly package