Garage Door Safety Status Lights

Provides a visual indication of the garage door status

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are mechanically inclined you should be able to perform this job in 2-3 hours.  If your tools fit in a little toolbox then probably not.

No, this system is independent of the garage door opener.

Yes, this system does make it so you don’t have to squirm in your seat to see the rear-view mirror when you want to back out, just to see if the door is all the way up, and many times taking for granite that it is. If that door is not up it will cost thousands in door and vehicle repair plus down time. If the door won’t close after the accident it leaves the home or business vulnerable.

If the door did not fully open or if the button was hit a second time while distracted by kids, texts or phone and the door stops. If someone else hits a button and the door is coming back down or stops short, the red light will flash instantly. You will get accustomed to waiting for a solid green light and waiting when the lights are flashing red.

You will need 6 systems, the lights you choose will vary depending on the need of each door, if vehicles are pulled in the wall mount or hanging light, if vehicles are backed in then wall mount, if vehicles are approaching the door from all directions the hanging 4-sided light works best. In all of those situations you can use more than 1 light on a system if your needs require and a wall mount light can be installed outside if needed.

Absolutely in the hustle to get on site when there is a life threating call, its not that uncommon for the truck to pull out too soon, or another remote which has access to your door was hit while trying to open another door. The light display will go from green to flashing red instantly, without even thinking about it, you will stop.

Yes, but if you want to use more than 2 lights on a residential system, we recommend using a commercial power supply.